Dive into a world where chocolate becomes art. Each piece is a crafted masterpiece, blending flavors with artistic designs. Experience the magic of artisanal chocolate made just for you.

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In June 2025, I'll be embarking on an epic motorcycle journey across America! 

This isn’t just a thrill-seeking adventure (though it is that!); it’s also a fundraiser for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), a cause that’s very close to my heart. Mental health awareness and support are crucial, and I hope to raise funds and spread awareness through this incredible journey.

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A big smile is contagious!   I wanted to create something that was uniquely me that would share positivity and happiness! So, I created DaVinci Chocolatier as my way of integrating vibrant colors, intricate designs, and tantalizing flavors as edible moments of joy!  I combine the cool colors of winter, soft colors of spring, bold colors of summer, or the warm colors of autumn, with decadent ganache fillings to create a sumptuous truffle experience!  It is so rewarding to imagine the smile on each person’s face who will experience my chocolates; a sophisticated truffle, each uniquely made with love!

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finest ingredients from Switzerland



All the ingredients from Switzerland


The finest Belgium chocolate


Organic freeze-dried fruit


Organic small batches and fair trade practices

Most beautiful chocolate bars
for every occasion

Elegant Chocolate Bars for Every Occasion: Discover beauty in every bar, crafted to perfection for your special moments.



DaVinci chocolates are truly special. The chocolate truffles are my favorite. I have tried them all. Raspberry, passion fruit, and the orange/dark chocolates are indescribably delicious. They melt in your mouth. I have bought boxes of truffles, not only for myself, but also to give to family and friends on special occasions. The chocolates come in a very fun and sophisticated package. The truffles look like a precious shinny stone that you just want to keep it as a souvenir, but once you take a bite, it's hard to stop it.

Béatrice Lavigne

Hosted my first global biotech event in Cambridge, MA. The company-branded chocolates, including bonbons (passion fruit and raspberry) and large disks with our logo, were a massive hit among the 36 represented biotech companies. Thank you for the delicious handiwork! For images, please provide a link or share via email.

Oneil Carter

DaVinci Chocolatier created the most amazing chocolate favors for my wedding. We enjoyed trying all the delicious flavors before choosing the Irish cream, Whiskey and Vanilla for our special day. Our guests loved not only the flavor of the chocolates but also their unique design and presentation.

Alayna McCabe

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Made in USA

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